Tenders and fee proposals

Limited Liability Company “PM smart consulting” provides the following services for «Tenders»:

Our employees have a vast experience of insider work in legal departments of companies in various economics fields. More information on «Tenders and Fee Proposals» you can find following this link.

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Participation in tenders on behalf of your company, preparation of all necessary documentation

Participation in tenders is a necessary stage in development of your business and is a reliable method for a company to get a contract, make a name for your company, raise your profile, and get to know your business competitors. This process requires a lot of effort, processing of terms and tasks of a tender, thorough post-production of transferred materials. In 99% of all the cases it happens in very strained time margins due to late tender invitations and urgent gathering of a tender board. However, do not worry; we can prepare all materials for you. You do not need to hire a specialist for it, pay salaries, taxes, reductions, because you can hire us only when you have incoming requests.

Such requests can take up to 1000 pages of materials and contain more than 1GB of data. A standard tender requires usually includes:

  • Non-disclosure agreement;
  • Tender rules;
  • Qualification form and questionnaire;
  • Information on objects, services or goods об объекта;
  • Technical task;
  • Specification or scope of work;
  • Necessary presentation materials (brochure, concept, drawings, etc.);
  • Contract form;
  • BOQ (smeta);
  • Cover letter to a fee proposal;
  • Other requests by participants.

We study tender requests in detail, analyze technical tasks, requirements, ask necessary questions to tender representative, compare to similar tenders. As the result, we prepare a full set of tender documents for you. A set usually includes the following:

  • Application form and qualification form 
    We know how to present information about your company in the best manner. We prepare a nice description of your business using official style and using our experience in various financial fields;
  • Non-disclosure agreement 
    We study an agreement and sign it if we have no comments, we inform you about main conditions and possible penalties for breaches of the agreement. If there are any strict requirements and/or conditions, then we coordinate it with you to introduce changes in the agreement and then to approve it with the tender board;
  • Organizational structure 
    We prepare an organizational structure for your company depending on the tender requirements. LLC PMsmart elaborates a user-friendly coloured scheme defining number of participants required for execution of works according to a technical task;
  • Cover letter to fee proposal 
    We check a form, fill it in and sign it on behalf of your company;
  • BOQ (smeta
    BOQ form is filled in in accordance with the Client’s format, which allows him to compare it with other companies. This BOQ is executed for a technical task and specification / scope of works. Sometimes during analysis of both documents we find differences and mistakes. In this case we know how to fill in a BOQ andwhere to include additional works for you to get further in the tender process without decreasing cost of your works too much.
  • Fee proposal 
    We prepare a detailed fee proposal using your letterheads. A detailed fee proposal is required to show your advantages, structured approach to works, understanding of a technical task and scope of works. A fee proposal usually consists of 5 to 50 pages, has a distinguishable look, understandable structure of sections, good description, business conditions and required appendices;
  • Payment schedule 
    We elaborate a required payment schedule so that you could receive financing step-by-step and settle works to show company profit. We elaborate a detailed payment schedule in a table format and describe all required conditions for payments and acceptance of works;
  • Works schedule 
    We elaborate a schedule of works based on technical task requirements, scope of works, and also with a goal to receive step-by-step financing to reduce any risks for your business. Such schedules are interconnected with payments and acceptance of works, with issued documentation and production. We elaborate user-friendly schedules in various software: from MS Excel to MS Project and other project management software;
  • Resources schedule 
    Many big corporations (like IKEA) request execution of resources schedules showing labour hour costs of various specialists. A resource schedule shall correspond with BOQ, fee proposal, and works schedule. We elaborate user-friendly coloured schedules in accordance with other documents;
  • Contract form 
    We study contract forms provided in tender requests. We agree with it or introduce necessary changes after approval from a tender board;
  • Key personnel CVs 
    We prepare required key personnel CVs of your company or project team in accordance with tender requirements. We edit description for it to meet conditions of technical tasks and scopes of works. CVs are executed as a uniform format on your letterhead used for each specialist. LLC PMsmart elaborates user-friendly and eye-catching CVs, which can help you to stand out in the eyes of a tender board;
  • List of executed works / provided services 
    We study a list of your executed projects and prepare a description suitable for a tender request for it to meet conditions of technical tasks and scopes of works. Usually it is necessary to provide 3 and more similar executed projects;
  • Company portfolio 
    We check your portfolio and edit it for a specific tender request. If there is no portfolio, we can create it from scratch.
  • Charter documents, certificates, licenses 
    We collect necessary documentation,verify copies, bind documents and prepare a single file.

We provide our Clients with the full scope of works for participation in tenders and elaboration of required documentation. You can order a full package of our works or choose specific elements described above.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.

Holding of internal tenders, selection of reliable contractors

Often tenders are held for a set of works only a part of which is executed by your company. This approach requires collaboration with contractors. Another situation when you need to invite other companies is in case your employees have too much work to do and you transfer some parts of the works or the whole project to reliable contractors.

Such situation do not occur too often – only once per two months or even less frequently, as our experience shows. It means that your company does not have to hire a specialist for internal tenders (and pay salaries, taxes, reductions for this person) because you can hire us only when you have the necessity.

Internal tenders is a teamwork effort by at least three specialists: lawyer, financial specialist and technical specialist because execution of such tenders and selection of required contractors requires joint knowledge of professionals in various fields. We have all specialists you might need to find the best contractors on the market at the best price.

Contractors selection process usually has a number of stages and consists of the following procedures:

  • Study of your request 
    We study your request and requirement. We hold a meeting or a conference-call to clarify details, terms, methods, etc.;
  • Study of commercial and technical conditions 
    We study technical tasks and scopes of works to contract to other companies or elaborate a technical task if you do not have one already. Then we define the proposed budget for Contractors as one of criteria;
  • Collection of Initial Data 
    We request information and combine a necessary set of initial data to form a basis for fee proposals from Contractors;
  • Search for Contractors 
    We elaborate a list of contractor companies. Usually it is necessary to send a request to at least 10 companies;
  • NDA signing 
    We sign an NDA with each candidate to protect your interests and information;
  • Submission of initial data and questionnaires (qualifications form) 
    We prepare qualifications forms to be filled in by potential contractors and send it to participants together with initial data and acts of acceptance. It is executed only after signing of an NDA;
  • Communication with contractors 
    We respond to candidates’ questions regarding initial data or questionnaires and provide explanations;
  • Analysis of qualifications forms and fee proposals 
    We evaluate the questionnaires and study fee proposals. At this stage some of contestants usually drop out;
  • Meetings 
    After that we go to meetings in contractors’ offices and check presence of employees, equipment and check all certificates and licenses and also assess interest of top managers, their loyalty and flexibility, and provide comments if they have questions;
  • Editing of fee proposals 
    After the meetings, most of the candidates usually update their fee proposals to reduce those;
  • Elaboration of a comparison chart 
    From the very beginning, we work on elaboration of a detailed comparison chart to have better understanding and make a better decision on the winner. This table includes the following data and criterial: financial stability, court cases, annual turnover, number of employees, certificates, automation, etc.;
  • Tender winner(s) decision 
    We hold internal meetings between tender board members and PMsmart partners to evaluate different meanings, analyze a comparison chart and choose together a winner(s);
  • Presentation for the Client 
    We submit all the materials we have to the Client, hold a presentation, provide a photo report, provide reasons why we chose exactly this winner(s), give all the required contact person information and introduce all the parties.

Tender size can be various, and that is why we have a unique approach to every tender request.

Trust us, and we will lead you to success.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.




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