Temporary management (General Director function)

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Temporary management

Temporary management of your company is necessary when there is no possibility for actual operational management over a company or there is no suitable candidate for the general director role.

Our Clients often turn to us with a request to hire a temporary general director for their company in the Russian Federation because:

Working visa and work permit processes take time

A company can hand over documents for visas and work permits for foreign employees after the company is registered; but the general director must already function at the moment of its registration. That is when our Clients turn to PMsmart to find a reliable manager for temporary management services. One of the top managers of PMsmart becomes a temprorary general director of your company.

Ongoing general director selection process

For example, when a general director has resigned and a new one has not been chosen yet. Our Clients hire PMsmart for temporary company management until a new manager is chosen. We assess all tasks, goals, issues of the old general director, perform necessary actions and then transfer everything to a new director.

Company reorganization or liquidation

PMsmart performs temporary management services in such cases too – beginning from strategy assessment, internal processes efficiency analysis to development of new business directions or company liquidation.

Partial management functioning is required for representation of your company

PMsmart provides partial temporary management services (following a per-hour-rate) when your business does not require a 100% presence of a general director but requires a reliable top manager for representation of your interest in communication with clients, contractors, state authorities, etc.

PMsmart provides the following temporary management services:

  • Consultations;
  • Collection and storage of documentation;
  • Checking and signing of all necessary documentation (reports, declarations, agreements, decrees, orders, accounting documents, etc.);
  • Participation in tenders and negotiations;
  • Participation in exhibitions and conferences;
  • Opening bank accounts and their performance monitoring;
  • Hiring processes, team work organization;
  • And other functions upon a request of the Owners.

We always stick to the open style of management – we always approve all our actions with you and you representatives and also organize a reliable information control and exchange system.

Many Clients have already trusted us with temporary management of their companies.

Trust us, and we will lead you to success.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.


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