Tax accounting

Tax accounting is a system of information consolidation to determine a tax base for all range of taxes paid by a company based on initial documents, grouped together in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Complexity of the tax legislation of the Russian Federation is a well-known fact. A vast number of laws, decrees, which both sum up and change each other cause doubt for law-abiding taxpayers.

Tax burden for companies and self-employed entrepreneurs is sufficient funds flows. Professionally  organized tax accounting could minimize funds flows, avoid negative incomes such as penalties for incorrect calculation and payment of taxes, and also decrease labour efforts of your financial services during tax inspections.

Limited liability company “PM smart consulting” LLC helps your business to achieve your goals. We provide the following services for “Tax accounting”

Our employees have a vast experience of insider work in tax accounting departments of companies in various economics fields from positions of accountant to chief accountant. More information on «Accounting, management, tax accounting and reporting» you can find following this link.

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Tax efficiency

To gain maximum income is a goal of every business unit whether that be a big corporation, a small company or self-employed entrepreneur. Companies and entrepreneurs seek to decrease tax burden by conducting tax efficiency.

Tax efficiency is a goals-oriented activity of a company to use tax deductions maximally and systematically taking into account legislation requirements and legal practice.

Nowadays most of the entrepreneurs during working on taxation optimization arrangements within tax efficiency try to find controversial and questionable legislative interpretations which allows to bypass the law to pay less taxed. And very few think about existing aftermaths such as lawsuits a company can face even if the chosen tax arrangement is successfully realized.

PMsmart team provides a considered approach to creating and implementing tax arrangements within tax efficiency. Our approach is based on accurate and deep consideration of tax arrangement to carry on activities or make a deal before its actual asset flows.

Generally, tax efficiency for your business could be divided into two steps:

  • Tax efficiency on the initial stage 
    This stage implies adoption of preferable and most profitable methods of tax management from the perspective of tax burden right on the stage of elaboration of methodology for tax management for next year tax policy. You can find an additional information in services chapter “Accounting policies
  • Tax efficiency during company operation

Tax efficiency methods elaboration for specific taxes and payments and for company taxation in general for our Client is as follows:

  • Case study/ Initial data gathering 
    We study your request. Study information about the company, special aspects of business sphere, agreement policies integrated in your company with contra-agents and other factors which could affect the tax burden. We get information about accepted methodology of accounting for taxation purposes – so we analyze how taxes are being counted in your company at the present time.
  • Determination of problems and weak spots in the process of tax accounting
  • Elaboration of taxation optimization schemes 
    We elaborate schemes of taxation optimization, which could lessen tax burden in a legal way. In case several alternative variations exist, all existing schemes are being worked on to be used in the future.
  • Presentation 
    We conduct a presentation to describe main instruments, which will be used for elaboration of the taxation optimization scheme in details and provide calculation of profits from their implementation.
  • Agreement 
    A final version of tax optimization scheme is being agreed with the Client
  • Implementation 
    Implementation of financial and economic activity in accordance with elaborated scheme

Scale and specifics of business could be different so we find an optimal scheme for every client.

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Legislative change impact assessment on your taxes

Tax legislation of the Russian Federation is changing constantly. New norms come into force or sufficient revisions are included into existing norms almost every day. They affect interests of companies and self-employed entrepreneurs, working in every sphere of the economy of the Russian Federation.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse” so a tax-payer has to monitor changes in tax legislating and their practice implementation. Such changes include new declarations forms, adjustment of changes, exemption or repeal of benefits; moreover, those changes can come into force in the course of time.

Furthermore, some changes could lessen tax burden, which can become an economy for your business.

Only experts in tax legislation who have specific knowledge and experience are able to resolve these tasks. Not every company can afford a tax service with high-quality specialists in every tax and payments, and additionally it is not economically rational. But these specialists work in  PMsmart.

We do following things for your business:

  • help with right calculation and completeness of tax payments;
  • provide necessary recommendations on tax base dividing by tax classification, benefits, providing to different tax-payers by tax legislation, maintenance of the order of tax calculation and tax payment;
  • elaborate taxation optimization variations consisting on specification of your business. Additional information you can find in chapter “Tax efficiency”;
  • inform you about changes in tax legislation and provide explanation on implementation of taxation norms.

According to your requests and requirements for changes in tax legislation to be explained, PMsmart can provide following communication models to our Clients:

  • answers on specific questions concerning single taxes and payments;
  • evaluation of influence of legislation changes on specific taxes or fees in general;
  • complex evaluation of influence of legislative changes on all taxes and fees that are obligatory for your business.

Constant monitoring process of tax legislation and regulatory enforcements is a golden rule of a modern entrepreneur. PMsmart team monitor tax legislation changes and significant law suits for you.

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Independent checking of bookings for tax purposes (Pre-audit)

Fully automatized tax management allows to do correct tax calculation and produce declarations, reduce labour costs of accountants and protect him/her from calculation mistakes.

On the other hand, usage of modules “tax management” installed in programs of automatized tax management is often executed by accountants incorrectly. As a result, information in declarations could be presented incorrectly and a company has to pay penalties.

Self-maintained control measures is law-effective because the same mistakes can be made anyway. The most effective measure is a pre-audit.

Pre-audit is an independent checking of financial and economic activity of a company for a specific period to determine facts of incorrect tax management, mistakes in execution of tax declarations, insufficient or redundant tax and fee payments.

Purposes why companies apply for pre-audit are different, for example, before presentation of annual report, before tax inspection or after changes in tax legislation etc.

PMsmart conduct pre-audit of tax management operations in the following steps:

  • Preliminary assessment of your company taxation 
    Preliminary evaluation of your company taxation allows to consider significant factors such as specifics of main accounting transactions and existing taxation objects, accordance of existing taxation scheme with norms of the current legislation, evaluate levels of legislative obligations and potential tax violations.
  • Evaluation and confirmation of correctness of taxes calculation and payments to the Budget and non-budget funds following your request 
    Specification of pre-audit procedures is set in accordance with which tax or payment you want to check.
  • Conclusion on results of pre-audit 
    You receive information about accuracy of tax management and declarations, presence or absence of mistakes in tax and fee payments, potential consequences and ways of their elimination.

Together with provided above PMsmart team can help to resolve other tasks connected with taxation. For example, correct structuring of tax managements, its automatization, training of accounts service to work in account and tax managements, and if necessary – conduct the most optimization of taxation of company.

You can find more information about PMsmart services in complex tax management below:

Many Clients have already committed to PMsmart. Trust us, and we will lead you to success.

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Tax refund

Reasons why company overpaid taxes (fees) could be different. In general, these are mistakes in tax (fee) calculation, which accountants find only after declarations are submitted. In that case, to register overpay, a clarified declaration should be provided, which will be subject of office audit first. Moreover, office audit in these cases will be very comprehensive with requests of tax inspectors for additional explanations, justifying changes in tax declaration.

Reasons of overpay might be different. For example, as a result that in the end of the year annual tax amount is less than amount of annual advance payments on the tax. Alternatively, because of a technical mistake of an accountant.

It is very necessary to communicate with tax authorities and non-budget funds, prepare explanations with supporting documents, and determine an order of refund or offset of the already paid tax in these cases.

Limited liability company «PMsmart consulting» will promptly help you to resolve these tasks with minimum labour efforts and financial losses. Our team prepare all necessary primary documents for explanation and communicate with tax inspectors to justify overpay of the tax.

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Support during tax inspections

Tax inspection (office or on-site) is one of the most convenient ways of tax control when additional taxes, payments and penalties are charged for tax authorities.

Tax-payers have passive position in defending their interest, which leads to financial losses of the company that could cause bankruptcy of the entity and as a consequence lead to undesirable (including even criminal) outcome.

Limited liability company «PMsmart consulting» will help you to avoid all negative aftermaths, connecting with tax-inspections. Our team lead supports you during all stages of tax inspections on communication with tax authorities:

  • participation in office and on-site tax inspections
  • pre-trial settlements of disputes with tax authorities
    Tax legislation of the Russian Federation obliges tax-payers to try to settle tax disputes on office and on-site tax inspections in pre-trial processes. That is why companies should understand their rights during pre-trial settlement with tax authorities, what should be taken into attention and how to defend themselves most effectively, including preparation of the documents;
  • court appeals against decisions  
    This is an important stage of tax inspection and evidences provision; usage of procedural possibilities allows to increase chances that decision of tax authority will be determined as unreasonable in arbitral proceedings.

The most effective instrument in preparation to any tax inspection is an independent check of operations posting for tax management. These measures are more reasonable when the company has bigger amount of documentation and top managers have insecurities about correctness of account and tax management.

Additional information on “Independent checking of bookings for tax purposes (Pre-audit)” you can find following the link.

Many Clients have already committed to PMsmart. Trust us, and we will lead you to success.

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