Services for individuals

We started to think about services for individuals after our friends started to ask us about help because they knew us as qualified specialists. It turned out that people want to receive qualified help from professionals with deep experience in various business spheres. Each day our client base grows and we are happy to help anyone.

Our experience shows that the main services required for individuals are:

HR consulting

We provide support to individuals who look for a new job or want to achieve new career goals. The main task of PMsmart is to open up your presentation materials and improve your perception by others.

Main services:

  • review / editing of a CV;
  • creation of a professional CV (in Russian and English);
  • test interview;
  • preparation for interview, basic questions, tests;
  • recommendations for employment schemes;
  • understanding of your advantages and disadvantages;
  • recommendations on work on your disadvantages.

Legal consulting

We provide legal consulting on labour rights and services agreements that any individual can encounter.

Main services:

  • review and comments of your labour agreements with your employer;
  • explanation of labour legislation issues;
  • explanation on legal documents that your employer asks you to sign;
  • recommendation on adaptation/protection behavior with your employer, especially during a probation period;
  • correction and/or execution of agreements (purchase of furniture, cars, conclusion of service agreements, etc.).

Financial consultations and services

We provide financial consultations for efficient usage of finances and provision of control over it.

Main services:

  • elaboration of an optimal scheme on bank deposits;
  • family finance management;
  • financial literacy for younger family members;
  • optimization of a family budget;
  • consultations on selection of a financial profession (theory & practice);
  • tax refunds;
  • filling in of declarations.

Upon your request, PMsmart can provide other services too. Send a request to us and we will provide qualified help for you.

Many individuals have already trusted us.

Trust us too.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.




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