Project management

Limited Liability Company “PM smart consulting” renders the following services for “Project management”:

PMsmart team has a vast experience in project management and project procedures implementation in various spheres. More information on «Project management» you can find following this link.

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Full project management

Complex project management contains initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, accomplishment of the project by one think-tank who has professional knowledge and efficiency in project management, creative approach to tasks, responsibility and focus on clients. PMsmart team is such a think-tank.  Our goal is to use existing resources of the project in an efficient way to get an optimal result by proper project management.

We elaborate a proper flow chart on complex project management depending on the size of your business, specifics, and resources. PMsmart team starts work from the moment of idea generation and initiation (tender participations, budgeting, fee proposals, elaboration and signing of contracts) to end of works on projects and its presentation to the Client.

We always achieve successful projects realization for our Clients:

  • within deadlines and budget, scope of works and specifications;
  • in accordance with demands and expectations of the Clients and users;
  • in accordance with expectations of other project participants.

Many Clients ask us how we achieve such results. Our answer is simple – efficient teamwork. Efficient project management is a teamwork of a project manager, project management team and executors.

Project managers in PMsmart are being nominated relying on different factors including personal qualities. A project manager has to have:

  • leadership skills;
  • responsibility;
  • social skills;
  • company loyalty;
  • knowledge and skills in project management;
  • strong inter-personal skills;
  • basic knowledge in law and management.

That is why only highly skilled project managers with these skills work on projects in PMsmart.

Together with project managers, projects are managed by Project management team, that combines different qulifications: PMsmart partner, financial specialist, technical specialist and others if it is necessary.

Therefore, project management and communication with personnel/subcontractors is always controlled by a project manager as well as by a project management team.

In case of large-scale projects, the project team (executors) is led by functional team leaders who contol the executors and always provide reports to a project manager and a project management team on a regular basis.

Project manager and project management team elaborate a work breakdown structure, including:

  • list of milestones;
  • works description;
  • requirements to quality of deliverables;
  • list of responsible persons/subcontractors;
  • cost parameters.

The elaborated «work breakdown structure» allows to monitor and control by the following way:

  • regular internal meetings with Project Manager, project management team and project team, where responsible persons make a report and Project Manager and project management team report/update project status;
  • during our work we use the following group work methods:
    • brain storming;
    • mind mapping;
    • charts;

that allows:

  • find best solutions;
  • correct misconceptions;
  • organize processes;
  • meet deadlines;
  • engage specialists from other projects to elaborate recommendations on similar “outstanding issues”;
  • meetings with subcontractors. Subcontractors systematically provide reports with the following information:
    • executed works;
    • visual fixation;
    • % of completeness (according to a program);
    • outstanding issues;
    • options for solution of current issues;
    • requests to PMsmart and the Client to solve outstanding issues;
    • preliminary terms for execution of outstanding issues, which require participation of the General Client.

These reports + meetings + systematic interaction with subcontractors allows us to:

  • monitor and control the works of Subcontractors;
  • detect difficulties on a project, which require participation of the Client and that can influence
    • terms;
    • costs;
  • correct means and methods of work;
  • complete works in time, within budget and in accordance with technical tasks.

PMsmart keeps meeting minutes, oversees execution of agreements, and is always available for the Client. That is why our Clients trust us with complex execution of projects.

Trust us too.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.

Development of separate items for project management

It can happen that your team has qualified specialists whom you can trust to lead specific parts of a project, but you do not have one specialist or more specialists for some other parts. PMsmart can help you with this.

PMsmart team is ready to join your project at any stage (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, completion) and to perform all required procedures for the whole project or its elements:

  • project integration management;
  • project scope management;
  • project time management;
  • project cost management;
  • project quality management;
  • project human resource management;
  • project communication management;
  • project procurement management;
  • project stakeholders management;
  • project risk management.

We elaborate all required procedures, methods and tools, which help to control specific project elements. We also can work on specific parts of projects for you.

Usually Clients hire us when they have a skilled project manager but there are no lawyers, financial specialists and technical specialists. In this case, PMsmart specialists form a project management team.

We often do the following tasks for our Clients:

  • project contract management
    and project legal documentation management (more information in «Project contract management»);
  • financial project management:
    cost management, cost benefit analysis, correction of payment schedules, calculation and coordination of additional costs, etc. (more information in «Financial contract management of separate projects»);
  • tenders, selection of subcontractors
    (more information in «Holding of internal tenders, selection of reliable contractors») and further control;
  • negotiations
    during initiation and approvals (more information in «Negotiations»);
  • project labour costs management:
    selection of a team and/or creation of a remote team, assignment of resources, monitoring and control over execution of tasks, team development, efficiency assessment;
  • schedule management,
    control of changes in schedules, execution of planned events, coordination of necessary schedule corrections;
  • communication management:
    analysis of requirements to communications, elaboration of communication methods and communications management plan;
  • project risks management:
    identification and analysis of risks, planning of risks solution, risk management plans (more information in «Risk management»);
  • management over concerned parties:
    defining concerned parties for the project, planning of management over the concerned parties and their expectations, control over interaction of the concerned parties;
  • project content management:
    planning, collection and analysis of requirements, requests for correction, etc.

Trust us and PMsmart will create the most efficient scheme of works for you.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.

Project management automation

Project management is a difficult organizational tasks which consists of coordination and integration of different parts of business activities & projects’ life cycle. Normally in project-oriented companies it presents functional-matrix structure, where staff can perform different roles (for example, PM / GIP, GIP / Head of department etc.) and be involved in elaboration of different projects. 

Based on complex structure, very competitive market, the most important thing is to work efficiently which partly can be achieved by special programs and tools, which are to look after the full cycle of project’s life.

The most important criterias for PM programs are:

  • to be fully integrated, which means to cover & interact all parts of project activities:
    • project management;
    • planning of project content & time schedule;
    • project budgeting;
    • project contract management;
    • human resources of the projects: management of time, loads, overlaps & lacks;
    • planning of volumes by weekly, monthly, etc and achievement;
    • planning of subcontracted parts & necessary supplies;
    • Actualization;
    • Plan-fact analysis, efficiency;
    • Risk evaluation.
  • to be a friendly-user with a very good interface;
  • to have intercrossing of sections;
  • to have strong visualization of necessary information (presentation materials shall be automatically formed);
  • Possibility to be implemented by phasing (depending on company needs) as following:
    • Phase 1: limited number of users (Project Managers & Project Management Team)
      To use for management tools, planning, controlling, actualization, analysis, HR, etc.
    • Phase 2: All employees 
      To integrate full cycle of business activates of project elaboration. In additional to Phase 1, the following stuff will be performed: delegating of tasks, looking after execution, time sheet record, etc.
    • Phase 3: ERP system (fully integrated program) 
      In addition to Phase 2, Accounting & Management accounting programs to be integrated in one system, then company will have one product solution to eliminate any lacks, mismatching and to increase performance.
  • to have easy way of tracking information;
  • to be adaptable & requested to Client’s needs (possibility to implement the Client’s formats of reports, bilingual reports or bilingual interface);
  • to be cost-efficient;
  • to have a customer support;
  • training possibility;
  • to have modern tools: remote access, apps, etc.

IT market does not have many products that meet the aforementioned criteria.  Depending on the size of your company, we can find the most efficient software for your business and implement it. Moreover, we find the best price from suppliers, because we work following a B2B scheme, so we always can provide discounts.

Many Clients trust us because we have a vast experience of work inside large project oriented companies on leading positions.

Trust us too.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.

Development of project procedures for the purpose of process integration within your budget (without automation)

You are an efficient company manager, but the size of your business has not yet reached parameters that require investments in automation, but your task is to organize integrated processes for project management.

Managers like you hire the PMsmart team to elaborate procedures, methods and tools for interaction and coordination between various parts of projects.

We are a skilled team with vast experience inside large project oriented companies on leading positions. We have gone through all stages of development on project management: from creation of internal regulations and tables to complex company automation (ERP system).

Our goal is to create and efficient scheme of project management for your company by using simple means, methods and tools. We elaborate ‘clever’ tables (resources, budget, terms, etc.), which correlate between each other and are easy to use. If there is no project management automation, the main goal is to store and update information and control changes and their influence on your contractual commitments.

We also prepare all necessary project management tools for all project stages: elaborate plans of internal meetings and meetings with general clients, project participants and subcontractors, define necessary team decision-making methods (brainstorming, mind maps, etc.), prepare divergences analysis tables, model schedules, prepare cost and labour management plans, create work breakdown schemes, etc.

We elaborate the most suitable scheme for each client depending on the size of the project, quantity and skills of employees, number of project participants, position of your company in this project elaboration chain, and many other factors.

Many Clients already trust us.

Trust us too.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.




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