Company set-up

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“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.

With love to our job and every Client.

Company set-up

Creation of your own business on the territory of the Russian Federation leads to many risks. However, the PMsmart team knows all the required stages, so starting your work together with us is the right decision.

Formally, creation of any company can be described below:

Birth of an idea required to open your own business

Our specialists review your business idea and provide their expert analysis;

Elaboration of a business plan and a development strategy

For elaboration of a business plan, it is necessary to consider specifics of the Russian market and operating expenses, because those are different across Russia. The largest operating expenses are in Moscow (expensive office rent, European level of salaries for qualified specialists, and sometimes even bigger salaries for some categories).

While defining a development strategy, it is required to take into consideration geographic specifics of the country, logistics, competitive environment and other factors.

The PMsmart team creates business plans and defines development strategies for our Clients’ companies or analyses your plans and provides expert analyses, recommendations on cost reduction and organization terms reduction, makes necessary changes;

Competitive analysis, market assessment and determination of the main customer base

We study your analyses and provide our assessment. PMsmart specialists develop a competitive analysis, showing dealers, manufacturers, types of companies (Russian or foreign), execute a market analysis and define the main customer base for many of our Clients, while also paying attention to development prospects of the required business sector;

Company registration

PMsmart renders complex legal entity registration services in the Russian Federation (please see more in «Registration of a company»);

Recruitment or outsourcing/outstaffing agreements, formation of a company structure

We form the most efficient company structure for you and hire required specialists (please see more in «Recruitment, interviewing») or outsource required parts of your activity and sign outstaffing agreements at your request;

Marketing activity

We recommend to elaborate a development strategy for your company and also to prepare the most efficient online/offline marketing tools for your product beforehand. PMsmart elaborates marketing strategies for small start-ups and hires B2B providers for large companies thereby providing the best price for these services.

Many Clients have already trusted our team to set-up a company for them.

Trust us, and we will lead you to success.

And remember…

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.


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