In negotiations between the parties, each party tries to achieve its own goals gaining control over the situation. In your business management practice, you participate in meetings with Clients and Contractors, lead soft or rough communication lines.

Our clients often have no necessary specialists to conduct successful negotiations. That is when they turn to PMsmart and trust our specialists.

Limited Liability Company “PM smart consulting” team has a broad negotiations experience. We are specialists with deep knowledge and understanding of our own spheres and related segments. Behind us is experience in agreeing of favourable terms and conditions for contracts, financing deals, schedules of works and other business elements with large corporations.

We have a broad experience of work inside the companies of such fields as:

  • oil, gas and pipeline industry;
  • multidisciplinary integrated design and architecture for different objects (retail, leisure and hotels, residential development, mixed-use development, sport, industrial, landscaping, recreation objects);
  • construction;
  • scientific & research institutions;
  • telecommunication services;
  • education (teaching profession);
  • food retail and restaurant business;
  • retail / online-retail;
  • outsourcing;
  • mass-media;
  • hotel business;
  • IT.

One or several of our experts will help you in meetings and negotiations:

  • accountant;
  • financial expert;
  • lawyer;
  • HR manager;
  • translator;
  • technical specialist.

More information of organization of our workflow you can find in Services section:

We are sure that you will be interested in our services and we will make PMsmart a part of your business.

“Enjoy what You like, we will take care of the rest of Your business”.

With love to our job and every client.


PMsmart partners will participate in the biggest China business forum on 30th November and 1st of December 2018.

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Startup Village - conference in Skolkovo

PMsmart partners will participate in the biggest startup conference in Skolkovo, Moscow on 31/05 and 01/06.

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