Which documents are converted to electronic format?

Companies, which apply for registration from 29th of April, shall put into account that they receive the following documents in electronic format:

- certificate of an entry in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities;

- TIN (INN) certificate;

- Charter or changes to the Charter with Tax inspection stamp;

- decision of registration stoppage or refusal in registration.

The way of submission doesn’t matter (direct application to Tax office, by post, via internet, notary agency or register’s office).

Electronic documents following the results of registration will be sent to e-mail, stipulated:

- in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities;

- application form for registration.

In addition, the documents will be sent to register’s office or notary agency if a company applies using their service.

What shall be taken into account upon preparation and submission of documents for registration

Specify e-mail in application form.

Submit one example of the Charter or changes to the Charter instead of two.

Prepare a separate request, if You wish to receive hard copies of documents.

29.04.2018 17:00

Источник: Federal Law dd 30.10.2017 No 312-FL (changes are effective from 29.04.2018)